Denmark is famous for lots of things but probably its design legacy is the most notable; from architecture to furniture, ceramics to silverware, Denmark has given the world a distinctive style that is both classic and modern. Functionality is key, but always with a keen sense of beauty and a pared-down minimal simplicity.

Quality and style are everything!

Carsten Sondergaard is a Dane through and through but he’s also international, spending much of his life travelling the world for both business and pleasure. He saw how Danish style can work in other countries and how much people loved it so, in true Viking spirit, he became passionate about spreading the word. Sondergaard Copenhagen was born and applies a cool Scandinavian aesthetic to menswear.

The collection is based on tailoring but includes shirts, outerwear and accessories and everything is designed with rigorous attention to detail and quality.
We don’t believe in hiding behind unnecessary features;
we take classic, wearable clothes and give them a Scandinavian twist. Clean lines, slim silhouettes, no fuss – it comes naturally to us.

The company has grown a lot but we’re still a small team based in Copenhagen. We love where we live and work and the city finds its way into everything we do; from the focus on quality and style through to the laid-back attitude and easy-going approach. The city even makes a strong backdrop for our photo shoots! But that is only the start – the design and concept might start in our favourite place but in the end it’s the wardrobe for the modern urban guy whatever country he might live in. We like to think our stuff works from Manhattan to Manchester, from Toronto to Turin …

Our heritage is hugely important to us, but we also understand the international market and the bigger picture. Even though we come from a small place, we are doing big things. Much like Denmark itself!